Host Home Provider

Posted: 10/24/2021

Make a meaningful, life-long friendship while sharing your home with someone with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Advantages of contracting with Mosaic:

24/7 support

Mosaic provides 24-hour on-call support to answer any questions contractors have about the people they support.

Strength and Stability

Mosaic is a national organization with more than 100 years of experience.

Training and Education

Mosaic offers training opportunities to contractors.

Clear Contractual Agreements

Mosaic uses a third-party contract management service and helps contractors understand the expectations and compensation for services.

Purpose and Meaning

Mosaic is a private, mission-driven, faith-based nonprofit. We value contractors who serve from the heart and know they’re called to this important work.


Mosaic uses electronic documentation for all paperwork, plus contractors receive payment twice a month through automatic deposit or a debit card.


Mosaic values connection. Activities are offered to help you connect with other contractors and with Mosaic staff to create a network of support.

Position Type: Full-Time

Salary Range: $50,000-$100,000