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I just joined the Urbandale Chamber and want to show what we can do for the members! My deal is for anyone in the chamber! We are one of the best already in Wichita and the state of Kansas. I want to show what we can do here at our 2nd location. Contact us today - at 316-300-3923 or

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Need a quiet space to work? Our individual office spaces and conference rooms offer the privacy you crave without the burden of a permanent lease. Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner, our flexible, on-demand spaces are designed for your convenience. Elevate your work experience with the freedom and flexibility of our on-demand office and conference space. Visit or call 515-414-2306 to reserve your spot today!

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A safe and secure option for growing your money, CDs at Raccoon Valley Bank come in a variety of terms from six months to five years. With the peace of mind of FDIC protection and competitive interest rates, Raccoon Valley Bank CDs are a great way to increase your wealth over time no matter if you are a young adult just starting out, managing a family’s finances or making a final push toward or already in retirement.

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